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Sam Oser
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Since May 29, 2020, protests have been consistent in Houston over the catalyst that was George Floyd’s death. So far, the protests have peaked on June 2 with over 60k in attendance. Most of the protests have ended with the mobilization of militarized police being transported via Metro buses, and protesters and medics being met with tear gas, flash bangs, and violence.

The upcoming Houston Public Safety Budget FY 2021 has 62% of the funds going to the Houston Police Department. This number is $964,837,483, almost one billion dollars, and is an increase of 3.29% to their already inflated budget. This vote is to take place on June 10th.

Following the money always reveals insight on political decisions. Here is this corporate tentacle power map I put together to highlight how the Houston Police Union has donated to a lot of campaigns in 2020. In the map, there is also a link to reference past election years.

The Houston elected officials will offer the public some answer to placate, but it will not be enough. Incremental change continues to oppress rather than prevent and stop police brutality. As seen in the interactive map, the Houston establishment is heavily influenced by the Houston Police Union.

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Interact with the map: https://littlesis.org/maps/5152-houston-police-union-pac-donations?Summary

The Action

Stop the Houston City Council’s Budget Vote on June 10th! #NoVoiceNoVoteHTX

The City of Houston FY 2020–2021 budget has allocated nearly $1 BILLION dollars for police, while only giving $96 Million for the Health Department to support our brave health care workers battling the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. This budget needs to be changed!

Call and/or email Houston Council Members and demand that they:

*Stop the budget vote on June 10th.

*Schedule and Publicize another budget hearing meeting to give Houstonians more time to call in to voice their concerns about needed changes to the budget.
Our voices will be heard. No budget until Houstonians have more voice!

Find your local council member here:

Council Members At Large:
Mike Knox 832–393–3014 atlarge1@houstontx.gov
David Robinson 832–393–3013 atlarge2@houstontx.gov
Michael Kubosh 832–393–3005 atlarge3@houstontx.gov
Letitia Plummer 832–393–3012 atlarge4@houstontx.gov
Sallie Alcorn 832–393–3017 atlarge5@houstontx.gov

Council Members:
District A: Amy Peck 832–393–3010 districta@houstontx.gov
District B: Jerry Davis 832–393–3009 districtb@houstontx.gov
District C: Abbie Kamin 832–393–3004 districtc@houstontx.gov
District D: Carolyn Evans-Shabazz 832–393–3001 districtd@houstontx.gov
District E: Dave Martin 832–393–3008 districte@houstontx.gov
District F: Tiffany Thomas 832–393–3002 districtf@houstontx.gov
District G: Greg Travis 832–393–3007 districtg@houstontx.gov
District H: Karla Cisneros 832–393–3003 districth@houstontx.gov
District I: Robert Gallegos 832–393–3011 districti@houstontx.gov
District J: Edward Pollard 832–393–3015 districtj@houstontx.gov
District K: Marsha Castex-Tatum 832–393–3016 districtk@houstontx.gov
Email/call all of them and let them hear us!

Email Template

Hello [council member name],

My name is _______ and I’m one of your constituents.

I wanted to ask you if you can please stop the upcoming budget hearing vote. Me and other Houstonians just haven’t had enough time to properly voice our opinion.

Voting on it so fast without giving us a chance to voice our opinions will only undermine the will of your constituents. I am sure that is not something you seek to do and you take the will of your constituents seriously.

Hence I ask that you please reschedule the vote on a later date so we will have enough time to voice our concerns and maybe even come up with a better solution!

Thank you so much,

More Actions

Remember, the system’s oppression is much bigger



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